Saturday, May 1, 2010

Project 365- Day 1: Aarrow Ads

So, Today is day 1 of project 365 and I'm excited to start so let me get right to it..... =D

So today was a wonderful day I spent it with My Fiance at a job he had to do. Yes Spinning! but not that kind of spinning l0l sign spinning! Ever watched people just hold signs in corners... Well my babes( DAVID) company they flip signs up in the air and what not to make it less boring and more entertaining and eye catching for the public. They advertise for various companies like Subway, T-Mobile, and yes even celebs like 50Cent && more.
Well I'm not gonna bore you with all this but my day with him was fun. Seeing him and everybody honking and cheering on was awesome. I took lots of pics and some videos. He was AMAZING!!!!!

Princess Bella*

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