Wednesday, February 24, 2010


To anyone who was actually reading my blogs sorry i never did a review on e.l.f. cosmetics ... I've been so busy lately. but I'm gonna tell you just a little about it. My order took like one week to get here so it wasn't that bad. i know some people had waited like over 2 weeks or so. i guess I'm lucky! but yeah this is what i got....

-e.l.f. Professional complete set of 12 brushes
-water proof eyeliner pen
- liquid eyeliner
-plumping lip glaze
- brightening eye color shadow
-duo eyeshadow cream
-false eyelashes
-curly eye lash tool
-eyelid primer
-eye primer and liner
-cream eye liner
-lip primer and plumper
-complex perfection
-warm bronzer

So let me start with the brushes the
Eye shadow brush love it! it really works well. I got two eye shadow brushes one was bigger than the other one though idk why is that and the smaller one shed i didn't like that that but the bigger one was perfect.
Defining eye brush same as the eye shadow brush I got two one was smaller than the other one this ones didn't shed at all love them too and they work well.
smudge eye sponge I order two as well and i definitely thought it was gonna be something totally different i honestly don't like them its literally a sponge lol. i don't even use it. so that's a no!
Total face brush I feel like i'm not applying any make up on my face and it sheds a lot so that's like no no.
Bronzing brush feels exactly the same but it doesn't she idk maybe i gotta get used to it because like i said i just started with make up and stuff.
Foundation brush O.M.G.! loves it its so soft and make up goes on so smoothly. My fave. right now!
Brow comb & brush i really don't use this well yeah i do but nothing special it does the job! so i guess yeah!
eye liner brush well i still gotta practise I'm not gonna lie but the brush its very soft this is my first one using so i cant tell you much about it. sorry
Blending eye brush i love it and i don't i feel like i can blend better with the eye shadow brush sometimes idk its good though.
concealer brush i don't use concealer at all but this brush is very soft and I used it for loose eye shadow and I love it for that i think its perfect. So for me is like my tiny eye shadow brush.
Lip defining Brush it alright i really don't use it but it works well.
eye lash & brow wand loves it it does the job
curly eyelash tool amazing best eyelash curler i have ever own lol curls my lashes perfect!.

So let me start with the make up!
PERFECT COMPLEXION this is awesome loves it. it has 4 colors yellow, blue, green & pink.
i use this for my face the green i use for red spots. it works well for me and it doesn't make my face brake out. i mix the yellow and and pink to cover my dark circles under my eyes. and the blue i use for the rest of my face and it gives u a very nice glow.
BRONZER i like it because is glittery but i honestly don't see the color maybe i need a darker shade idk.
LIQUID EYELINER I didn't like that because it didn't dry fast and when i put it on and i open my eyes it just messed up my eyeshadow because it got all over my lid.
WATER PROOF EYELINER loves it my fave. eyeliner right now its so easy to apply and its waterproof. first i thought it was gonna be bad because it looks just like a regular marker but it work perfect.
CREAM EYELINER I'm still practicing but so far i like its very smooth. && its waterproof you really need to scrub to take it off.
BRIGHTENING EYE COLOR I got butternut and its amazing i love it i use it everyday almost!... its great for $1.
DUO EYE SHADOW CREAM I got this in berry mix hm I'm not a very big fun of cream shadows i didn't like it there was no pigmentation. maybe if you use it as a base idk. maybe i can try it.
E.L.F EYELID PRIMER for $1 this is great and I also love it. it doesn't crease and it last long! you guys gotta try this if you guys haven't yet.
STUDIO EYE PRIMER AND LINER I kike it works well but the E.L.F. is the one i prefer best. this one doesn't last as long. The liner part you can create a different eyeliner color with your fave. shadow. I haven't used it i tried it but i didn't like it.
FALSE LASHES funny thing and it sucked too the night i was going to wear them i lost one so there they g and i just purchased one pair just t try them out so i have nothing to say about them :(!
STUDIO LIP PRIMER & PLUMPER I don't use it that much because i really don't use bright lip color and i tried it with my light lip color and my lips looked so white i had to take it off!. the plum side i like it taste like peppermint.
E.L.F. PLUMPING LIP GLAZE Loves it! I got Fire Coral pinkish color one side is clear which is the plumping and it tingles and it feels so good on my lips it feel refreshing. the other side is the lip color and i love it. You guys have to get it as well if you guys haven't tried it.
E.L.F. CANDY SHOP LIP TIN They send me this for referring people and a one year subscription of Lucky Magazine. how nice!. anyways they send me Melon Mayhem it taste good but idk too much glitter makes my lips feel rough.

So yeah I think that's about it E.L.F. has its up's and down's but over all and for their prices I think they are very good. I give them a high five! Anybody can afford it. So if you cant afford high end cosmetic brands you should totally try E.L.F. and no I'm not getting paid to say this. I'm just giving my opinion.
well thank you if i have any readers until next blog I'll try to keep them updated frequently.