Friday, April 30, 2010

Project 365!!!!

So, my 1-3 readers haha I know I don't Post much, but that's about to change!!!... I really don't want to stop Blogging specially when I haven't really done it so... I got this idea Project 365 from CutieGingerBread she is a makeup Guru on YouTube! Basically what I will be doing is taking a picture of anything I see that's Interesting Creative whatever I want and I will be Writing about it . I will do this everyday for 365 Days hopefully I stick to it. I want to to stick to it. That's my challenge maybe with this I will encourage beginners like myself to write more or to get creative! Give other ideas as well.

I believe other Blogger are starting this as well so If you don't blog or you do and don't have any ideas or if you do I challenge you to join me! YES YOU!!! READING RIIGHT NOW !!!! START WITH ME!....L0L!!!!.... I'm crazy sometimes but yeah i will be staring this project on Saturday May 1. 2010! Wish me Luck!

Thanks for reading!!!!

xoxo Princess Bella*

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