Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hey Dolls!.. 
I'm back my laptop charger was M.I.A.
(laugh - out - loud)
here is my FOTD!
I don't do this much 
because i don't  have a camera 
but  my cellphones camera
 is pretty good maybe 
I'll post them more often 
or ill just wait till I get one!
I have posted pictures that you might like 
and I know you are because I love them !

fotd! pretty simple !

everything from WETSEAL!
My Shoes I Love Today!

wish i owned one!

peace-love-hello kitty


Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween !!!!....

This is my first attempted trying to do a sugar skull and I loved it!
hope you like too as well
I hope you guys had a wonderful day today!!!

much love


Shoes I Heart Today!

Hey Dolls!!!!
Happy Halloween!
so What's everyone doing today?
how was everyone's weekend?!
I bet it was awesome!
Today's Shoe Post Is Leopard, Cheetah, Animal print
whatever you wanna call it...
Its one of my favorite prints!
I think it's everyone's =)
It's a classic print
I believe
Hope you like!

(pictures from weheartit!)

best wishes


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

M-A-C - Glitter and Ice Parade Holiday Collection!

MAC GLITTER & ICE Hit the ice with Johnny Weir! Indulge in a dazzling colour collection of 
Seasonally Spicy shades & sparkling snowglobe-inspired compacts.

Hey Dolls! Have you ladies checked out 
the new M-A-C Holiday Collection yet?
I have only seen the products online and they look gorgeous!
what do you think?
To be honest I don't really buy M-A-C 
It's a little pricey for me
but I would love to purchase 
some products from this collection!
 like the
eye shadow

Check it out and let me know what you think!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Shoes I Heart Today!

Minnie  Mouse 

Hey Dolls! .... This polka dot shoes are the 
Don't they look like Minnie Mouse classic
red polka dot dress?

Guess what I found them online

so I hope you like!!!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NYX & PINK RIBBON not a bad idea!

NYX cosmetics

This isn't a bad idea I'm gonna give it a try for the cause!

you should too!




NYX - Shimmer

This is another polish I got from this past weekend 
I love it!
so sparkly!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shoes I Heart Today!

Hey Dolls!!! How are you doing today?
I'm late on my post today... oh well!
Anyways ...
This are my top Booties for fall/winter!
I tried my best to search for online store 
where they might sale them....
it was really hard!
Maybe you know!
but here they are

Aren't this ones cute! <3
Well I found this picture at
supposedly they are Chanel
but i looked I didn't find them =(
These ones I cant find any in this color or material
I found black one at
CHINESE LAUNDRY- Saxony $130.00
SHIEKH SHOES- Womans Addiction 62 $44.97

Same here I only found similar ones but they are cute as well
SHIEKH SHOES - Valerie $54.97

I couldn't find the exact one but i found similar ones at
BAKERS- Animate Yourself $80.00
These ones were easy  to find!!! =)
STEVE MADDEN- Annnie $129.95

So I hope you like
let me know
which ones are your fave.!!!!

oh yeah and check out this  blog let me know what you think!


Monday, October 17, 2011


Hey Dolls! Hope you guys had a great weekend!
I had to work so no fun for me l0l!
but I did do a little shopping! 
Only a few things. 
I only bought a couple of nail polishes 
& a handbag!
but anyways 
This morning I have been 
catching up on my blog reading!
&& I was reading 
Post  &&
Yesterday Oct. 16th it was 
you can read all about it on
her blog or click on the site!

So let me tell you I had no idea they had
such a day and it's so crazy, well
at least for me it is.
I polished my nails teal 
yesterday morning without knowing 
it was Teal Nail  Day!
so I decided to do a post for
everyone who don't know about it 
like me ... haha
we will be prepared next year! =)

so here it is...
This is one of the nail polishes I got from this store called Fresa
Nail Polish is called TEAL  and as you can see is from NYX!

This nail polish is mate so when you put it on it looks dull
with no shine so if you don't like it like that just add
a top coat to make it shiny like I did!

So hope you like
Thanks to Chi Chi  for the great info.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011


HEY DOLLS! again two blogs in one day amazing!
anyways ... I think this is my 1st NOTD 
I can't remember if I have done one before
but here it goes...
I was motivated to do a NOTD
because there is some beautiful bloggers
that keep posting NOTD!
I was Inspired by 

 so here it is....

Don't mind the messiness  you can clean it later!
What would you need:
Base & Top Coat- I'm using O.P.I. START-TO-FINISH
White nail polish - white Merle Norman
Black nail polish-  Pure Black by IDK=)
TOOTHPICK or anything pointed
RapiDry by O.P.I.
Start with clean unpolished nails

this is with one coat

so you want to add 2 coats & let it dry

Get  something pointy and start your design
I did it in a dot motion
so it can look like its dripping!

Hope you like it l0l
I know I'm not the most
awesome drawer
but at least I tried

I want to see a blog response from
you guys
show me your designs!


Shoes I Heart Today!

Hey Dolls!!!... so here we are for part2
Flat boots mid calf or over the knee !...
you wont believe the prices I'm still in shock!

Chinese Laundry-  Nostalgia $99.95

Bakers - Tate $99.95

Amiclubwear- Leopard Smooth Velvet $20.99

Amiclubwear- Leather round buckle $36.99

Amiclubwear - Lace up knee high riding $36.99

Amiclubwear- Pyramid Stud Strap $17.99

Remember to click on the name of the boots if you are interested!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Shoes I Heart Today!

Happy Tuesday Dolls!!!
So today I decided to search for boots 
since is fall and winter is coming soon.
I found a lot of cute boots but I don't want to
overwhelmed  you with so many, 
So I divide them into groups and styles 
This one is going to be High heel 
mid calf or over the knee boots,
So stay tuned for tomorrow's post!
0H yeah and You if you are interested 
in the boots just click on the name
&& it will take you right to the site!

Aldo Elzinga$80.00

Steve Madden- Badgess $199.95
Nine West -Holbein $199.00

Bakers- Gillys Js  $290.00

Amiclubwear- Camel Faux Suede $30.99

Amiclubwear- Black Faux Slouchy lace up $32.99

Amiclubwear- Black smooth Velvet $38.99

Amiclubwear-  Grey Faux Fur Studded $65.99

Hope you like


Friday, October 7, 2011

Shoes I Heart Today!

Get Your Pink Shoes On!
It's October
Breast Cancer Awerness Month!
To represent put 
your pink shoes on!

Don't you love all this pink Barbie shoes!

This are the shoes I heart today!
&& if you want to help out more 
just click on the link below


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Favorite Halloween Costumes 2011!





Hey Dolls ! I was browsing online for Halloween costumes
and I came across
I really love this four costumes 
they are different and rally cool!
If I could I would buy all four but 
Are you ladies ready for
Halloween? what are your plans?
I cant wait for the costume parties 
they are so much fun!
Has anyone gone to any haunted places or trails?
I haven't ...planning on  this year!
Don't you guys love the Pumpkin Patches?
Let me know what your plans are for Halloween
if you don't celebrate Halloween
let me know 
if you like to dress up