Sunday, May 2, 2010

Project 365- Day 2: Work for Nail Polish!

Beautiful Sunday! another beautiful day here in California! Sadly this was my Turn to work..... it wasn't that bad though! Anyways I did go to For Love and picked up this two nail polish they almost look the same color on the pic. but they are light purple and light pink... I'm looking for a light purple nail polish like Guru MakeupbyMel wears in her videos is such a nice purple I love it! I know the site where she got it but I rather get like in a store not online =)
This purple comes close to it and they were just $2.80 so cheap!
I love good DEALS!!!!

The Light Pink is called PINK
The Light Purple is called LAVENDER
simple names !!

I also picked up my Favorite chap stick from WALGREEN'S !!!
Carmex in Cherry flavor!!!
they actually have a sale going on 2 for $3
Love this chap stick !!!

hope you enjoy your night!!