Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 21: Puppy L O V E ....

This is a the puppy found on the street
so cute && adorable

but we can't keep her =(
so we had to take her to a shelter
&& she was sick too...
Hope she feels better....
&& I'm sorry guys I was busy all last week
but I'm back in track
I'm not giving up on Project 365....

Hope you have a



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  2. hi!! thanks for joining my blog!! :)) this dog is so cute!! :)) i remember i cried when i found a dog and i couldn't keep him and i had to take him to a shelter:(( so i know what you mean!!
    i'm a animal lover!! and i have a dog and she just had 5 puppies!! and i want to keep them all but i can't!!