Monday, June 13, 2011

Victoria's Secret Sale!!! ....( & Welcome Back!)

 HEY EVERYONE! It's been forever since I've posted... so much going on... I'll tell you in another Blog , but Amazing Sale at Victoria's Secret!... It's their Semi Annual Sale!!! YAY!!!.... This babies are 10 for $ 40... Can I tell you a Secret? I've never ever bought or used their Secret Garden collection!!! O M G !!!!! .... IT MUST BE A SIN HUH?...LOL... I always go to Bath & Body Works thats why I've never bought from Victoria so I wanted to change it a bit this time... plus I think they are great scents for the summer don't you think?  well let me tell you the scents  I picked out they smell amazing I love them all!... in the picture there is only 8 because I bought 2 lotions & 2 sprays of the same scent...

The goodies....

1. Mango Temptation 2. Love Spell  3. Pure Seduction 4. Wild Scarlet



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