Thursday, April 29, 2010

About Me !!!!

holiday: Thanksgiving!
color: Pink, Purple, && Black
clothing brand: F21!
makeup brand:Like i told you before I just started getting into make up and I'm still trying out some brands I don't have a favorite brand yet! But I do like Merle Norman, E.L.F., && N.Y.X
lip stick color: Pink Sand By Maybelline
animal: Pandas, Elephants, Cats && Dogs ect.
vacation spot: San Diego && El Salvador
singer: Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys, Selena, && more
band: No doubt, Black Eyed Peas,&& more
restaurant: The Cheese Cake Factory
nail polish color: Flashbulb fuchsia BY O.P.I. && Temptress by Merle Norman
cat or dog: Love them both but I would have to go with Dogs
beach or mountains: Beach! Mountains are too cold....haha... I'm such a Baby!
basketball or football: I like both but I love the Lakers so Basketball!
taking pics or being in the pic: Being in the Pics!...hahha
rock or Country:ROCK for sure... Unless is Carry Underwood
chocolate or vanilla:Love my Chocolate!!!
listening or talking: Listen && Give advice
pedicure or manicure: Manicure my feet are very ticklish so i rather do them my self! ^-^
breakfast or no breakfast: Depends if I'm hungry or not!
night owl or early bird: Depends what I'm DOING and how my day goes!
sushi or fast food: sushi!! i gave up fast food about 4 years ago...
lots of acquaintances or a small group of GOOD friends: Both!
do you have a tattoo? Yes I have 2 One on my wrist its 3 simple hearts && the other on the inside of my ankle and its my "nickname" Princess Bella With my logo I came up with....L0L!
any piercings? My ears of course! and My belly button
have you ever cheated on someone? I believe in KARMA so no !!! && I always say treat others as you would want to be treated!
have you ever been cheated on? Sadly Yes but that's the past and I have moved on =)
are you in love? VERY Much so!!!!
name 3 places you would like to travel: Paris, New York, && Hawaii
what are your passions? Fashion , Hair, Make up, Magazines, My Family && Fiance
what is ONE great memory from your past..details!! (it can be small or big): When I met my Fiance we were In Hollywood and we saw each other in the eyes and right there and then I knew In my heart that we were gonna be together after that we been inseparable and very happy!!!!.... =)
what would you do with a million dollars? O M G !!! I would buy a house a car and go on a shopping spree .... and i would save the rest !!!!

hope you guys enjoy this!!!
Princess Bella*

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