Monday, October 17, 2011


Hey Dolls! Hope you guys had a great weekend!
I had to work so no fun for me l0l!
but I did do a little shopping! 
Only a few things. 
I only bought a couple of nail polishes 
& a handbag!
but anyways 
This morning I have been 
catching up on my blog reading!
&& I was reading 
Post  &&
Yesterday Oct. 16th it was 
you can read all about it on
her blog or click on the site!

So let me tell you I had no idea they had
such a day and it's so crazy, well
at least for me it is.
I polished my nails teal 
yesterday morning without knowing 
it was Teal Nail  Day!
so I decided to do a post for
everyone who don't know about it 
like me ... haha
we will be prepared next year! =)

so here it is...
This is one of the nail polishes I got from this store called Fresa
Nail Polish is called TEAL  and as you can see is from NYX!

This nail polish is mate so when you put it on it looks dull
with no shine so if you don't like it like that just add
a top coat to make it shiny like I did!

So hope you like
Thanks to Chi Chi  for the great info.


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