Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dove Review

Gentle Exfoliating
Have you tried this body wash yet?
if not you have to!

This body wash is so amazing !
I'm in love with it.
After you use it one time you can notice the difference 
your skin is so soft and gentle like a baby's tush... lol

Dove Beauty Body Wash. Gentle Exfoliating. What A Combination. Ultra Fine Exfoliants and 1/4 Moisturizing Cream In One Formula Clear Away Old, Dull Skin While Nurturing New, Fresh Skin. The Result: Skin That's So Soft and Smooth You Will Want to Use It Every Day. Go Ahead - It's Designed to Be Gentle Enough For Everyday. In Skincare, Everyday Is Everything.

The best thing is only about $6
it cant get any better than that 
and its a big bottle!
You can find it 

just fallow the links above 

If you have tried it let me know how you like it....


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