Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hey O.m.g! I'm so not good at this but whatever I'm trying l0l.... about a week and a half it was my birthday! YAY! for me!.... Anyways my long hair that I was so excited to cut in beautiful layers was a disaster!!!.... I was so excited to get a new hairstyle a new hair color everything for my day. SO, I go to this lady I always go to. let me tell you she is good at what she does but idk what happen to her when she had to cut my hair. I explained to her and i even showed her a picture. By the time she was done with my hair she said it look so beautiful and it look different and chic whatever. I see my hair and all I could thing off was W*T*HECK! I wanted to cry so bad. I was sitting there with my beautiful long hair all gone looking all crazy. It seriously feels like I have a mullet. My hair is one of my greatest features I love my hair and with my hair cut like that my confidence has gone down. I know I shouldn't feel like that because it can grow back, but i had already been waiting for my hair to grow so i can get the haircut i wanted and now i have to start all over. I was so upset and I felt so horrible. I cant do anything to it cant curl it, I can barely get it into a ponytail. You know in this picture it doesn't look that bad but from the crown of my head the layers are so so short and then i got like this long tail. its just horrible. O my gosh! to me this is a big deal. She was 'Do you like it?' I seriously couldn't handle this I seriously didn't care about anything at that time. I just got my stuff and walked out. Let me tell you this was a day before my BIG day. This experience has me not wanting to get a haircut ever again. I cant wait for it to grow. If you have any ideas what i can do to my hair now let me know. things that would look cute.

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